Meetings with symposia convened by the ICCL

Meetings with symposia convened by the ICCL
1977 IAMAP in Seattle
1979 IUGG in Canberra
1981 IAMAP in Hamburg
1983 IUGG in Hamburg
1985 IAMAS/IAPSO in Honolulu; also co-sponsor of November meeting in China
1986 also co-sponsor of meeting in Australia
1987 IUGG in Vancouver
1989 IAMAP in Reading (and joint sessions with IAHS at their Tokyo meeting)
1991 IUGG in Vienna
1993 IAMAS in Yokohama
1995 IUGG in Boulder
1997 IAMAS/IAPSO in Melbourne
1999 IUGG in Birmingham
2001 IAMAS in Innsbruck
2003 IUGG in Sapporo
2005 IAMAS in Beijing--planned
2007 IUGG in Perugia, Italy
2009 IAMAS/IAPSO Montreal, Canada
2011 IUGG in Melbourne, Australia
2013 IAMAS in DACA, Switzerland
2015 IUGG in Prague, Czech Republic
2017 IMAS/IAPSO in Cape Town, South Africa
2019 IUGG in Montreal, Canada