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The International Commission on Climate (ICCL) is composed of scientists who are committed to fulfilling the objectives of the Commission and the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences IAMAS, through cooperation with their scientific colleagues. Membership of the ICCL is unpaid and takes three forms: (i) regular members, (ii) officers, and (iii) emeritus members.

Member responsibilities:
The responsibilities of the officers and members include:

Recommending and developing proposals for sessions and symposia at Assemblies of the IAMAS, and at other meetings as appropriate.

Assisting in the development of the program content and participation in approved sessions and symposia, including the encouragement of scientists to participate by submission of papers, and in the conduct of the symposia, as requested by the convenors.

Assisting members of IAMAS and other Commissions and scientific organizations in the development of plans for scientific sessions and for inter-symposium coordination of sessions to be held at IAMAS assemblies, and as appropriate, at other meetings;

Participate in the official affairs of IAMAS and associated organizations, as appropriate. This shall include providing a biennial report to the IAMAS on membership and actions during the year and participating in the IAMAS review of ICCL.

Prepare and recommend resolutions on matters relating to climate for consideration by ICCL, IAMAS, and IUGG.

The President and the Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out the necessary activities to sustain ICCL and promote its objectives between IAMAS assemblies. This shall include providing notice to Members of upcoming meetings, preparation of agendas for meetings, distribution of minutes reporting on meetings, maintaining of a membership roster, and provision for nomination of officers.

The Secretary shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the ICCL, which shall include accounting for income from IAMAS and for paying and keeping a record of ICCL expenditures. Expenditures of less than $250 for administrative costs of the ICCL and for the convening of meetings shall be approved by the Secretary and President; expenditures for over $250 shall be approved by the ICCL. Every two years, the Secretary shall submit a report of income and expenses for review by the ICCL and the IAMAS Executive Committee.

In seeking to fulfill its objectives, the ICCL may appoint sub-commissions, committees, or working groups to undertake special studies or devote specialist attention to a specific or general area of concern in the area of climate. Members of these additional groups may or may not be members of the ICCL.

As requested, make recommendations of scientists to serve on various joint committees or other bodies.

Represent the interests of the ICCL before other organizations and in the planning and conduct of cooperative scientific activities.

Consider and recommend to IAMAS the adoption and revision of the Terms of Reference of the ICCL.

Carry out such other activities as are appropriate and are approved by the ICCL aimed toward promoting the objectives of the ICCL and IAMAS.

All countries that adhere to the IUGG and are members of the IAMAS are qualified to nominate members to serve on the ICCL. In addition, members of the ICCL, whether from Adhering of non-Adhering Countries, may nominate recognized and interested scientists, for membership.

The officers of the ICCL may also accept nominees from Adhering Countries as members of ICCL immediately upon nomination in the period between General and Scientific Assemblies of IAMAS.
To facilitate and encourage interdisciplinary communication, other IAMAS Commissions and other IUGG Associations are also invited to nominate members or liaisons to the ICCL.

Nominations for President and Secretary shall be made by the Members of the ICCL and require the agreement of the nominee to serve. Nominees must be from Adhering Countries of the IUGG, but do not have to be members of the ICCL at the time of election to office. Nominees must qualify as recognized and interested scientists.


The ICCL is composed of scientists who are committed to fulfilling the objectives of the Commission and the IAMAS through cooperation with their scientific colleagues.

Membership is unpaid and takes three forms:

Regular members:
Regular members are elected to the ICCL by the current members and normally serve for 4 years, with the possibility of renewal for a second term.
The number of members is not fixed. In electing regular members, consideration is given to representing a wide range of scientific expertise and geography.

Regular members elect the officers of the ICCL.
The President and Secretary may serve for a maximum of two terms. Their terms of office begin at the end of the IAMAS General Assemblies.
Members may also elect a Vice-President and/or a President-Elect. These elections are held by email or at major ICCL meetings between General Assemblies.

Emeritus members:
The ICCL may also select former officers or regular members as honorary or emeritus members in recognition of their contributions to the ICCL. The term of an emeritus member is indefinite.





Membership of the International Commission on Climate (ICCL)