Jianping Li has been elected as Fellow of IUGG


IUGG Fellows Announcement
(10 January 2015)

“Fellowship of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics is a tribute, awarded by the IUGG Bureau, to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to international cooperation in geodesy or geophysics and attained eminence in the field of Earth and space sciences” (IUGG By-Law 22).

On behalf of the IUGG Fellows Selection Committee, the IUGG Bureau is proud to announce elected Union Fellows:
Burrows, John (Germany/UK) for accomplishing a sustained series of innovations, which are essential for the global monitoring of atmospheric constituents, and his sustained leadership efforts in voluntary international cooperation;
Chen, Xiaofei (China) for his significant contributions to the studies of seismic wave propagation, earthquake rupture dynamics and strong ground motion prediction and for his service to the seismological community;
Flossmann, Andrea (France/Germany) for her undisputed reputation as a top scientist in clouds and precipitation physics studies and of her achievements in leading the community and teaching the young generations of students;
Godin-Beekmann, Sophie (France) for her outstanding contributions to long-term monitoring of the ozone layer and to our understanding of its evolution in the Earth’s atmosphere and for her service to the community;
Jones, Gerald (Canada) for his pioneering contributions to the crosscutting field of snow ecology and for his relentless work towards the establishment of an International Association of Cryospheric Sciences within IUGG; and
Li, Jianping (China/USA) for his contribution to climate dynamics and climate prediction and his active promotion of international scientific cooperation in Earth sciences.
Elected Fellows will be bestowed a certificate of IUGG Fellowship, a Silver Medal, and a pin to be presented by the IUGG President at the Opening Ceremony of the XXVI IUGG General Assembly on 23 June 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic.
The Fellows Selection Committee was chaired by Joyce E. Penner (USA). The Members of the Committee were Isabelle Ansorge (South Africa), Hugo Delgado Granados (Mexico), Jan Laštovicka (Czech Republic), Harald Schuh (Germany), Konrad Steffen (Switzerland), and Kuni Takeuchi (Japan). The primary evaluation criteria have been (i) scientific contribution to and eminence in Earth and space sciences, (ii) activities in IUGG and/or within Union Associations, (iii) benefit to society as well as (iv) geographical and gender diversities. The IUGG Bureau thanks a lot the members of the Fellows Selection Committee and appreciates very much the people who nominated and provided support to candidates for IUGG Fellow award.

The IUGG Bureau is also proud to announce the following Union Fellows, who served for IUGG as Executive Committee and Finance Committee Members and Association Secretaries General, contributed exceptionally to international cooperation in geosciences, and attained eminence in the field of Earth and space sciences:
IUGG: A. A. Ashour (Egypt), G. Balmino (France), O. B. Andersen (Denmark), J. Chen (China), Y. T. Chen (China), V. K. Gaur (India), S. Gregersen (Denmark), E. Groten (Germany), M. J. Hamlin (UK), D. D. Jackson (USA), J. A. Joselyn (USA), B .L. N. Kennett (Australia), M. Kono (Japan), G. McBean (Canada), H. Moritz (Austria), P. Pinet (France), U. Shamir (Israel), J. Somogyi (Hungary), A. F. Spilhaus (USA), K. Suyehiro (Japan), A. A. A. Tealeb (Egypt), J. F. Vilas (Argentina), S. Uyeda (Japan), P. J. Wyllie (USA);
IACS: I. Allison (Australia), G. Kaser (Austria), M. Lange (Germany/Cyprus);
IAG: G. Beutler (Switzerland), C. Boucher (France), M. Louis (France), I. Mueller (USA), F. Sansó (Italy), W. Torge (Germany);
IAGA: C. Barton (Australia), E. Friis-Christensen (Denmark), B. Hultqvist (Sweden), D. J. Kerridge (UK), H. W. Kroehl (USA), J. G. Roederer (USA);
IAHS: A. Askew (Switzerland/Australia), H. Colenbrander (The Netherlands), J. C. Rodda (UK), K. Takeuchi (Japan), G. Young (Canada);
IAMAS: H. C. Davies (Switzerland), R. A. Duce (USA), B. J. Hoskins (UK), M. Kuhn (Austria), R. List (Canada), M. C. MacCracken (USA), G. Wu (China);
IAPSO: F. E. Camfield (USA), S. Imawaki (Japan), P. Malanotte-Rizzoli (USA/Italy), R. D. Muench (USA), L. Mysak (Canada), J.-J. O'Brien (USA), L. V. Shannon (South Africa);
IASPEI: R. Adams (UK), E. R. Engdahl (USA), C. Froidevaux (France), A. V. Nikolaev (Russia), Z. Wu (China);

IAVCEI: S. Aramaki (Japan), P. Gasparini (Italy), S. A. Fedotov (Russia), G. Heiken (USA), R. W. Johnson, S. R. McNutt (USA), S. Nakada (Japan), O. Navon (Israel), H.-U. Schmincke (Germany), S. J. Sparks (UK).
The conferred Fellows will be bestowed a certificate of IUGG Fellowship and a pin to be presented by the IUGG President at the Closing Ceremony of the XXVI IUGG General Assembly on 1 July 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Please join us in congratulating the IUGG Fellows!

Alik Ismail-Zadeh, Secretary General on behalf of the IUGG Bureau.